Victoria Keys - Victory for Who and Who is really Holding the Keys? by Daniel Ghio

June 2015, months away from a General Election. The Government held a fancy press conference announcing a new major project on the Eastside that included a super yacht marina, a five star hotel, promenade, commercial area, affordable housing, public pool and multi-storey car park and to top it off, the project would see an inward investment of £1.1 billion - described by the Chief Minister as the largest ever inward investment into Gibraltar at the time. Another plus at the time was the disappearance of the forsaken, eternal mini Gibraltar (rubble edition) on the Eastside. It’s important to point out there was a tender process behind this project.

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The Gibraltar Housing Market - A Rich Investor's Playground by Daniel Ghio

Housing. This is an issue I’ve blogged about multiple times. It’s an issue that affects a major percentage of our population, both young and old. In this blog I want to take a look and try to analyse what’s going on, let me begin by saying I’m not a property expert, I’m not an investment expert nor am I someone with all the answers, what I want to talk about is how this is affecting us as a community.

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