Change The Google Play Store Region. Permanently. by Daniel Ghio

I've written in the past on how to be able to purchase (or even find certain FREE ones) Android apps on the Google Play Store due to Gibraltar only having access to the "free" Play Store. Google likes to region restrict most of their products and devices, be it for licensing reasons or whatever mysterious reason that restricts people in certain countries from finding apps and legally buying them. We're not the only country who has this problem, Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man are other places which have the same restriction.

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Google And Region Restriction by Daniel Ghio

Dear Google, you make great products, you've made information and knowledge available to the world using your brilliant search engine. Type in your keywords and within 2 seconds you'll have more results than you could ever imagine. So what I don't understand is how Google, a company that thrived on making the whole world more connected, continues to shoot itself in the foot and alienate the whole world via region restricting nearly every single product.

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