Redibikes - The Saga Of Poorly Implemented Environmentally Friendly Transport Continues? by Daniel Ghio

Cycling, cycling is good for your health, cycling also helps the environment, the more people that are cycling, the less cars and motorbike we have on our roads. With one initiative, a bicycle rental scheme, you can potentially tackle 3 important issues that will only benefit everyone. Why does redibike's feel like a complete deja vu though? Environment, transport and health are 3 policies that need to be linked to drive this initiative forward, with that, hopefully the attitude of people can also progress and we can see people opening their minds to this healthier, alternative mode of transport. The real structural and societal changes that need to be implemented to help this succeed are non-existent. We have replaced the old with the new and not provided any real change.

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MTV Presents... She Bans She Bans by Daniel Ghio

MTV Presents... Gibraltar Calling is now just under 2 weeks away from it's debut as the newly re-branded annual music festival, formerly known as the Gibraltar Music Festival (GMF), a festival we've been lucky enough to have hosted on our rock and where we have watched tons of artists perform in front of our rock since 2012. The Gibraltar Music Festival went from strength to strength every year and each iteration was improved upon with the hard work of the many individuals involved within the local production company Word Of Mouth productions amongst many others... Gibraltar's own homegrown massive music festival. For a place so small and with 30,000 inhabitants it's certainly a respectable feat that was accomplished.

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"Because The Previous Administration" by Daniel Ghio

Time for change.... A new dawn, those were the 2 taglines the now current GSLP Govt used when they were fighting to end the GSD's 16 year reign in Govt back in 2011. Fast forward 5 years and another election later and here we are, the new dawn has risen. Change and new dawn apparently meant lets act like a school playground for the next 5 years and blame the previous administration with every single chance we get.

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The Bottomless Pit Of Debt In Government Housing: Redux by Daniel Ghio

It's been just over two weeks since I posted my opinion piece on the bottomless pit of debt in Government housing, I'm glad that many people on social media shared my sentiments on the topic and everyone agreed that our politicians should stop playing "stat wars" and instead focus on the problem and provide us with a universal solution to stop the £6 million from becoming £7+ million by this time next year.

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The Bottomless Pit Of Debt In Government Housing by Daniel Ghio

How would you like to live in a house for free and not pay any rent ever and suffer no consequences as tax payers continue to fund your lifestyle for free? I kid you not. It's possible, it may sound like a scam, but nope, welcome to the reality of Gibraltar and Government rental homes. So if you're Gibraltarian and on the housing list, boy have we got an offer for you!!

Yes, the above is fully sarcastic but unfortunately true.

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Smokescreens and Power-cuts by Daniel Ghio

I haven't actually blogged in ages. I tend to get ideas and stuff to write about but I never end up following through, be it laziness, family commitments or forgetful I just never sit down and type something out any more... For a little change, I won't be writing about mobile phones, technology or music. This opinion piece will be closer to home. This is about Gibraltar.

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