Gibraltar Music Festival - The Hype And The Complainers by Daniel Ghio

I'm not sure what it is, it could be seeing the stages go up as you drive around Victoria Stadium, it could be that we know who plays and when, it could be the barrage of media covering the festival or it could be that I'm currently listening to Stereophonics after having listened to Pure Shores by All Saints... The hype and excitement has definitely begun for me and not only as a musician performing with my band Dead City Radio on Saturday but as someone who will be there to enjoy watching and listening to live music.

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Rock And Radio Gibraltar by Daniel Ghio

Here in Gibraltar, people's views can be very backwards and subjected to ridiculous claims depending on the way you dress, the music you listen to, where you like to enjoy your nights out etc... Case in point I have been attending the Rock On The Rock Club (ROTR for short..) ever since it first opened it's doors. I must've been around 16 when I first went there. That place was instantly subjected to "That's where all the goth's/friki's go" or my personal favourite "That's where they sacrifice chickens and cats no?" Slap a "rock" label onto something and the uninformed public will just make assumptions based on the social stigma that surrounds rock/metal music.

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